General conditions of sale

The sale of products on this site conforms to the laws on internet sales (article 50 of the Italian Consumer Code D.Lgs no. 206 of 6th September 2005).

By placing an order you are accepting the General conditions, therefore please read the following conditions of sale carefully.


The object of the above mentioned General Conditions is the online sale of products from the website           


The domain owner is Pastificio Francesco Abatianni ZONA ARTIGIANALE LOTTI 16 E 13, CORIGLIANO D'OTRANTO, LECCE 73022, Italia  

Customers who subscribe to our website by placing orders and who accept the present General Conditions of sale.

Purchases may only be made by customers over the age of 18. It is the customers’ responsibility to guarantee they are in possession of the above requirements and have the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract.

It is strictly forbidden to use false names in the online ordering process and in any further communication.

The company reserves the right to pursue any violation or abuse of these conditions with legal means.

The customer is solely responsible for the correct insertion of personal information and payment methods.

In accepting these Conditions of Sale, the company cannot be held responsible for the emission of documents which contain errors due to the incorrect insertion of information at the time of the online order.


Sales through e-commerce means the contract made for the sale of products between Pastificio Francesco Abatianni Srl (seller) and the Customer over the internet.

The contract of purchase of one or more products is made through the customer’s compilation of the electronic order form which is sent to the seller through an automatic procedure activated according to instructions on the website.

The images of the products are merely for illustration and the company will not be held responsible for any possible discrepancies caused by technical reasons . Pastificio Francesco Abatianni srl is committed to reducing these problems as much as possible, and product images may not be the object of discussion.

On placing an order, the customer will be asked to confirm reading the General Conditions of Sale, information on the returns and refund policy and on the use of personal information.

When the contract has been concluded, the order will be processed.

If the customer enters a wrong P.I during the purchase of our products , Pastificio Francesco Abatianni Srl reserves the right to repay the sum paid by the customer deducted by transaction costs .


The customer placing the order accepts the Conditions of Sale, returns and refund policy and use of personal information.

When the contract has been concluded, the customer will receive an email of confirmation containing details of the order.

If the order form has not been compiled correctly, if information is missing, or if certain products are not available, the company reserves the right to not process the order, and will send an email to the customer explaining the reason.

If payment has already been made, this will be reimbursed by the same method of payment chosen by the customer.

The company reserves the right the refuse orders from customers involved in fraudulent activity of any nature or from customers previously involved in contract violation.


The prices of products and shipping costs shown on the website and in the order information are inclusive of VAT and are expressed in Euros. The valid price is always the price shown on the website at the time of ordering.

All products are sent from Italy. Any prices relating to customs duty or taxes required in the country of destination are to be paid by the customer on delivery if required.


Our partners guarantee the highest level of service: GLS, UPS, BOXES AND CO, BRT.


The customer authorises any information or alteration to the contract to be sent to the email address provided at the time or registering on the website.


In case of disputes arising from the contract, both parties will seek to find a sensible solution before resorting to legal action. The General Conditions of Sale are dictated by Italian law and will be interpreted accordingly, with the exception of any obligatory regulations in the country of residence of the customer. Consequently, the interpretation, execution and resolution of the General Conditions of Sale are the subject of Italian law and any disputes arising from them will have to be resolved by the Italian judiciary system. If the customer is also the consumer, any disputes will be resolved by the legal system in the place of residence of the customer according to local law or, if the customer chooses to do so, by the Court of Lecce. If the customer is acting on behalf of his or her business, both parties will agree to resolve the dispute at the Tribunal of Lecce.


The company may amend or revise the present General Conditions of Sale at any time. The customer will accept the General Conditions of Sale effective at the time of ordering. The new General Conditions of Sale will be effective from the moment they are published on the website. 

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