The artisan care: “The craftsmen of today”

Fresh pasta from Salento has one only old recipe: durum wheat semolina and spring water.

The product of these ingredients looks like a uniform and soft mass, with an intense fragrance of wheat.

Starting from this simple union, the Pastificio Francesco Abatiannisrlcultivates by 30 yearsthis passion and does his best to produce an unique high quality pasta.

The accurate selection of raw materials and the workers’ inspiring participation, combined with the constant control of the process, makes the Abatianni pasta an high quality pasta.

The PastificioFrancesco Abatiannisrl has been able to make increasingly stronger and well-established in his company the connection between the oldest pasta tradition of Salento, simple and natural, and its adaptation to modern technologies.

All this guarantees an highly artisan product which has never lost its authentic origin: the Salento women’s care, attention and passion since they learnt at home by their mothers the experienced art of preparing home-made pasta.

The union of the devotion to work, constant refinement and natural handicraft creates a pasta which is able to combine wisely the current taste with the calls of the past.

Nowadays, the Pastificio Francesco AbatianniSrl is a big productive reality with almost 40 workers who works 24/24 hours and 7/7 days, to give the unique taste of our Salento to the Italian and foreign palates.

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